Safety group seeks recall of Pacifica with alleged auto defects

Safety group seeks recall of Pacifica with alleged auto defects

Pennsylvania owners of 2017 Chrysler Pacifica may be interested in learning that the Center for Auto Safety is asking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to order the recall of these vehicles. According to the safety group, over 50 Pacifica owners have experienced a sudden loss of power and stalling with no warning. Although the manufacturer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, says no injuries or accidents have been reported to them, the group is asking NHTSA to investigate the alleged auto defects in the Pacificas.

Reportedly, drivers say they have experienced instances in which the power steering of their Pacificas failed. They say they could not accelerate or decelerate. An executive of the safety agency says stalling is known to lead to tragedy, and it is not only the occupants of these minivans who are at risk, but also the occupants of other vehicles that might crash into the stalled vehicles.

The safety advocates demand the recall of the vehicles and the provision of alternatives for the owners while the manufacturers find a manner to resolve the problem. Reportedly, over 150,000 of the particular models were sold in the United States. The complaints filed with the NHTSA include cases of vehicles that lost power while they were still relatively new, while others only developed problems after traveling thousands of miles.

Pennsylvania vehicle owners who have experienced auto defects that led to accidents or injuries may have questions about their grounds for legal claims. An experienced product liability attorney can assess the circumstances before determining whether there is a viable claim. If it is viable to pursue financial relief, the attorney can navigate the lawsuit to recover financial and other losses.

Source:, “U.S. safety group demands recall of Chrysler Pacifica“, Trevor Wilhelm, Nov. 21, 2017

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