Products liability claims may follow fire extinguisher recall

Products liability claims may follow fire extinguisher recall

Manufacturers can be held responsible for harm caused by defective products. Consumers nationwide recently learned that the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced recall action after receiving almost 300 reports of malfunctioning fire extinguishers. Pennsylvania consumers who suffered personal injury as the result of such a defect may have grounds for filing products liability lawsuits.

Reportedly, almost 40 million Kidde fire extinguishers were recalled by the manufacturer. It was determined that the extinguishers might malfunction during emergencies. CPSC records indicate that the 291 incidents of such failures included 16 reports of consumers suffering injuries and one fatality.

Further reports say the injured victims suffered burn injuries or smoke inhalation while trying to extinguish fires. The person who died was a Pennsylvania man whose extinguisher malfunctioned when emergency workers tried to use it during a car fire after a collision. Kidde says the problem is with the nozzle of the 134 model which can detach or get clogged. The company will replace any recalled extinguishers at no charge.

When defective products cause injuries to consumers in Pennsylvania, financial relief may be pursued. Injured victims — or the surviving family members of deceased victims — can file products liability lawsuits in a civil court for recovery of medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. However, the basis of personal injury lawsuits is negligence, and establishing it might be challenging. Many victims of defective products choose to utilize the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney to navigate such claims for them. A lawyer can also determine which parties to name as defendants.

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