Products liability claims may follow recalled fitness gear

Products liability claims may follow recalled fitness gear

It is the responsibility of all manufacturers to ensure that the products they manufacture and sell are safe. They must identify potential safety concerns before introducing products to the market. Disregarded or overlooked defects can put consumers at risk of injury and may expose the company to products liability action. Dick’s Sporting Goods, a company with several stores in Pennsylvania, recently announced the recall of one of its products that have caused injuries to consumers.

A Consumer Product Safety Commission notice indicated that the sporting goods company recalled over 207,000 resistance tubes under the Fitness Gear label. These tubes are typically used to work out both upper lower bodies. They were reported to pose a risk of injury because they could break while in use. The manufacturer said 12 incidents of the bands breaking had been reported, with injuries caused in some cases.

The stretchy bands were made available in multiple colors, with resistance ranging between five and 30 pounds. They were offered for sale in sets and individually from Sept. 2015 through Aug. 2017 at the company’s various outlets and online. Consumers were asked not to continue using the tubes, but to return them to one of the company’s stores for credit or a full refund.

Any person who suffers injuries that were caused by dangerous or defective goods can seek recovery of damages through the Pennsylvania civil justice system. With the support and guidance of an experienced products liability attorney, a lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer and any other entity in the defective item’s chain of supply. A lawyer can assist with the establishment of negligence and the navigation of the legal proceedings that ensue.

Source:, “207,000 Resistance Bands Recalled Because They Could Break, Hit You In The Face“, Ashlee Kieler, Sept. 28, 2017

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