Many TBIs caused by construction workers’ accidents

Many TBIs caused by construction workers’ accidents

In Pennsylvania, hard hats are worn to protect workers from suffering head injuries. However, they cannot prevent traumatic brain injuries if employees walk around without them on. Construction workers’ accidents can cause life-changing brain injuries to unprotected workers. However, hard hats do not prevent all brain injuries on construction sites.

When a worker suffers a blow to his or her head or even an injury that penetrates the skull, damage to the brain can disrupt normal brain functions. TBIs could vary in severity from concussions, which are usually mild, to severe brain trauma that can cause permanent disabilities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires hard hats to be worn wherever a danger exists of heads bumping into fixed objects, being struck by falling objects or receiving unintentional electrical shocks.

OSHA says the construction industry poses the highest risk for traumatic brain injuries, and they often occur when workers do not think they need hard hats. The agency says falls are now the leading cause of brain injuries, with vehicle accidents coming in second. On construction sites, a significant percentage of falls happen on uneven or wet surfaces or where out-of-place objects pose trip hazards.

Victims of construction workers’ accidents that caused traumatic brain injuries will be entitled to benefits from the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation insurance program. Navigating benefits claim under such circumstances can be challenging. Fortunately, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help with the claims process to obtain the necessary medical care and financial assistance victims deserve. Benefits typically cover medical expenses, and the severity of the injuries will determine the award of additional benefits.

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