Maker of pacifier clip may have to face products liability claim

Maker of pacifier clip may have to face products liability claim

Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission strives to protect consumers in Pennsylvania and other states from harm caused by defective merchandise, not all dangerous products are identified before they are introduced to the market. It is not uncommon for recall action to be taken only after consumer injuries have been reported. Many of these incidents lead to products liability lawsuits.

In July, a 2-year-old girl suffered a second-degree burn that was caused by a pacifier clip. According to the child’s mother, she put the baby with her pacifier down for a nap. She responded to the child’s crying later and discovered a circular-shaped wound on her body. She was shocked when the doctor identified it as a burn. The mystery was solved when the physician explained that he had seen similar cases before where babies were burned by pacifier rings that became so hot from the children’s body heat that they melted onto their skin.

When the item is removed from the child’s body, it typically tears away the skin, leaving a serious and painful wound. The mother further reported that identifying the source of the burn did not solve the problem, as various medical facilities failed to treat the wound successfully. Only when she was referred to a burn center could the burn injury be healed.

Any Pennsylvania parent who is in a similar situation may have questions about the viability of a products liability lawsuit. Answers can be obtained from an experienced products liability attorney. A lawyer can explain the options, and if there are grounds for such a lawsuit, he or she can provide the necessary support and guidance throughout the ensuing proceedings.

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