Fisher-Price voluntarily recalls vibrating infant seats

Fisher-Price voluntarily recalls vibrating infant seats

New parents in southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond undoubtedly have their own tips and techniques for soothing fussy babies. But it’s quite likely that some involve the use of different types of products designed to calm crying infants.

However, if one of those go-to products is a vibrating infant seat by Fisher-Price, caregivers just lost a resource in their baby-soothing arsenal.

Recall announced

Earlier this week, Fisher-Price announced a voluntary recall of its Soothing Motion Seats. All told, the company is recalling 63,000 of the seats, including all four of the following models — DYH22, CMR35, CMR39 and CMR37.

While no injuries have been linked to the line of baby seats, the company reports that the motors in the vibrating seats can overheat. This poses a danger of the baby seats catching on fire, as reportedly occurred in one of the 36 cases where the models overheated.

Pediatricians’ recommendations

No one wants to criticize the methods used by new, sleep-deprived parents desperate to catch 40 winks unpunctuated by their infants’ cries. But it is worthwhile to note that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants who fall asleep in car or infant seats be “moved to a crib or other appropriate flat surface as soon as is practical.”

Doing so promptly reportedly reduces the risk of babies succumbing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Also, moving sleeping babies to their cribs offers wee ones better sleep hygiene environments.

Nationwide retail recall

The affected infant seats were sold nationally since November 2015 at multiple retailers across the nation like Amazon, Toys ‘R Us, Target and Walmart. Parents, caregivers and others who purchased or own a recalled seat can contact the manufacturer to be reimbursed in full. The number for Fisher Price is 800-432-5437.

Company taking proactive stance

There can perhaps be no worse optics for a company than to continue to manufacture and sell a product that can potentially cause a baby to get burned. Obviously, Fisher-Price executives realized this and launched the recall before any child (or others in close proximity) suffered any injuries or damages from these malfunctioning infant seats.

This is a good example of a company proactively getting out in front of a problem. Failure to act promptly may cause catastrophic damage to the public, and ultimately, to a company’s carefully curated brand and image as an industry leader.

Unfortunately, not all corporations engage in full disclosure by announcing voluntary recalls before the product in question wreaks havoc. If you experienced injuries or other damages from a malfunctioning product, you may be able to recover financial damages from the liable parties.

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