General Motors facing auto defects lawsuit re collapsing seats

General Motors facing auto defects lawsuit re collapsing seats

Consumers in Pennsylvania and other states are entitled to seek recovery of damages if they have been victims of defective products. Following the death of one child, and severe injuries to another, their parents have filed a lawsuit in another state, claiming auto defects. The claim relates to an accident in 2015 when their vehicle was rear-ended by another.

Court documents indicate that the mother drove the Saturn Aura XE when the accident occurred. She claims that both front seats collapsed to the rear, causing critical injuries to the two children in the back seat. A 17-month-old toddler was strapped into a car seat behind the passenger seat, and a 9-year-old child was seated behind the driver. Both children were rushed to a hospital, but only the older child survived — the baby died later that day.

The plaintiffs allege that General Motors and the manufacturer of the seats are responsible for the consequences of the crash. They claim that the design of the front seats is flawed and designed to collapse to the rear, jeopardizing the safety of the rear seat passengers. Furthermore, they claim that General Motors failed to warm owners of these model vehicles about the defect of which the defendants should have been aware.

Vehicle manufacturers are responsible for putting safe products on the market. Victims of auto defects are entitled to pursue claims for financial relief through the civil justice system. Taking on a major manufacturer such as General Motors may be an overwhelming prospect, but help is available. An experienced products liability attorney in Pennsylvania can navigate the legal proceedings with the goal of achieving full compensation for all the documented financial and emotional losses incurred.

Source:, “General Motors Sued After Child’s Death in Saturn Aura Crash“, David A. Wood, Sept. 10, 2017

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