Follow these tips to stay safe while working construction

Follow these tips to stay safe while working construction

Working on a construction site in Pittsburgh is dangerous. Hazards not only lurk around every corner, but they are both above and below you. Every moment you are on a job site, you are at risk of suffering an injury due to falling in a hole, electrical shock, collapsing supports and an endless list of other potential accidents.

While it is not always possible to avoid every accident on a construction site, there are certain things you can do to reduce the risk. Read below for some tips to help you stay safe during your next construction project.

Stable scaffolding

In order for scaffolding to be even reasonably safe, it is important that you take the time to ensure that it is properly erected. First, make sure it is on solid ground. Also, there should be at least 10 feet between it and any electrical lines. In addition, workers should set up scaffolding in a way that it is easily accessible through the use of ladders or stairs.

Choose the right ladder

Manufacturers design different kinds of ladders for different uses. Be sure you choose the right kind of ladder for the job you need to do. The ladder should be in prime condition and not have any bent rails, missing parts, or any substances on the rungs or frame that might cause slippage. Like with the scaffolding, do not set a ladder up too close to power lines.

Wear the right gear

Personal protective equipment exists for the sole purpose of keeping you safe. Always wear your head gear to avoid suffering head trauma due to an accident. Also, be sure to wear the right personal protective equipment for the job you are doing. This might mean you need to wear slip-resistant boots, heavy work gloves, a respirator or even goggles.

Protect the stairways

When working on or around stairways, your risk of falling is increased. Keep the stairs free from any objects or debris that might cause you or one of your co-workers to trip, slip or fall. You may even want to consider covering the steps with treads or some other material that provides solid traction.

Before you suffer an injury while working on a Pittsburgh construction site, follow the tips above. While these can help reduce your chances of an accident, it is not possible to avoid every mishap. If you suffer a workplace injury, be sure you know your rights when it comes to filing for workers’ compensation benefits.

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