Products liability — Range of dietary supplements recalled

Products liability — Range of dietary supplements recalled

Medical conditions can be cured, and lives can be saved by prescription drugs. As thousands of products liability lawsuits prove — nationwide and in Pennsylvania — prescription and over-the-counter drugs can also cause harm through severe adverse effects and even death. Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has strict guidelines, policies and standards to ensure consumer safety through regulation of drugs, it could take a considerable time before dangerous drugs are removed from the market.

A recent FDA recall warned that a range of products manufactured by PharmaTech could potentially be contaminated with B. cepacia. This bacteria can cause severe respiratory infections that could be passed from one person to another, and it is resistant to most antibiotics. The recalled products included all products under three different labels — Leader Brands, Major Pharmaceuticals and Rugby Laboratories.

It includes drug and dietary supplements for adults and even liquid vitamin drops for children and infants. The FDA said along with those individuals with compromised immune systems, children and infants are at the highest risk. However, is it not known how long these dangerous drugs were available to consumers from the time they were introduced to the market until their recall.

For that reason, thousands of unknowing consumers might have been harmed or even killed by one of the recalled drugs or supplements. Victims of side effects of prescription drugs are entitled to pursue recovery of damages by filing products liability claims in a Pennsylvania civil court. They are also free to retain the services of an attorney with experience in this field to provide the necessary support and guidance.

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