People could suffer injuries while auto defects are investigated

People could suffer injuries while auto defects are investigated

Pennsylvania residents may believe that when a problem arises with a type of vehicle, a recall will be issued in order to prevent anyone from suffering injuries due to the issue. In reality, an investigation is often conducted first, and that could take some time during which the public may not be made aware of the auto defects. This could result in an increasing number of incidents in which people suffer serious or fatal injuries.

For instance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration became aware of thousands of complaints against Ford last year. The complaints indicated that exhaust fumes were getting into the passenger compartments of the Ford Explorer SUVs. A large number of the complaints came from law enforcement agencies across the country who use the “Police Interceptor” version of the vehicle.

So far, the issue has led to around 41 injuries and at least three known accidents among all of the SUVs. Those involved complained of nausea, headaches and loss of consciousness while in an affected vehicle. The investigation by the NHTSA now points to approximately 1.3 million vehicles that could require repairs to the exhaust system. A police department in Texas takes the matter seriously enough to install carbon monoxide detectors in its Ford Explorer SUVs. Out of the 400 vehicles that department uses, at least 60 alarms have gone off and its entire fleet could end up sitting in a parking lot until the issue is fixed.

Many auto defects have the potential of causing serious injuries or death, and this may be one of them. Pennsylvania owners of Ford Explorers may want to contact the automaker for more information. In the meantime, if an accident results from carbon monoxide getting into the cabin, or if the exhaust simply makes occupants seriously ill, it may be possible to file a claim seeking restitution for the damages incurred because of this issue.

Source: Fox News, “Feds expand probe into Ford Explorer exhaust fume leaks“, July 28, 2017

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