Auto defects: 700,000 pickup trucks pose deadly threats

Auto defects: 700,000 pickup trucks pose deadly threats

Every year, thousands of people in Pennsylvania and other states suffer injuries caused by defective products. Many of the incidents that cause these injuries involve auto defects. The law requires manufacturers and others in the chain of supply to ensure that no products that fail to meet the consumers’ ordinary expectations are introduced into the market. These entities can be held liable if dangerous or defective products cause injuries.

Sometimes, defects are only discovered after products have been purchased by hundreds of thousands of people, and even though unsafe products can be recalled, all those owning it already are in danger. This is currently the case for approximately 700,000 owners of 2014 GMC Sierras and Chevrolet Silverados. General Motors announced the recall of these pickup trucks after it was determined that a sudden loss of power could cause loss of control.

A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains that a steering problem can follow an electrical power loss. Apparently, whenever the truck’s system has to supply a significant load of electricity, the power steering could unexpectedly be disabled. As a result, a driver can lose control of the vehicle — even while making a low-speed turn.

When auto defects cause injuries to Pennsylvania drivers or other occupants of a vehicle, products liability lawsuits may be filed to pursue recovery of damages. Potential defendants to be named in such a claim include the manufacturer of the vehicle, the parts manufacturer, the wholesaler and the retail dealer from whom the vehicle was purchased. Complicated issues related to theories of negligence, breach of warranty, strict liability and more will play a part in the proceedings, and utilizing the services of an experienced products liability attorney may be the most logical way to proceed.

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