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Contracting listeria could lead to a products liability claim

Do Pennsylvania residents know what Listeria monocytogenes is? Many people may see the words attached to numerous food recalls, but may not really understand what it is and what harm it could cause. To put it simply, Listeria could become a serious enough health issue that an individual harmed by it could seek financial restitution through the filing of a products liability claim.

Pennsylvania products liability: When manufacturers let you down

When you buy something, you expect it to work as intended and not cause you harm. Sadly, not all manufacturers meet the quality standards set for them under Pennsylvania and federal laws. You or someone you love could end up seriously injured because of using a product that is somehow defective. If so, you might file a products liability claim seeking restitution for your losses.

Consumer complaints could lead to products liability claims

Many companies initiate food recalls either of their own accord or after an inspection by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Sometimes, however, consumers here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the country make complaints that end up initiating recalls and perhaps even products liability claims. OK Food, Inc. recently issued one such recall.

Products liability news: Sargento cuts the fat from its operation

Twice during the month of February, Sargento Foods, Inc., one of the country's largest cheesemakers, issued recalls for certain varieties of its cheeses sold here in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. The recalls were necessary due to the threat of listeria contamination from one of its suppliers. Now, perhaps in an effort to avoid further potential products liability issues, the company has cut off ties with the supplier it believes caused the issue.

Smokeless tobacco recall could lead to products liability claims

Anti-tobacco advocates warn users of smokeless tobacco that it could be dangerous. Those advocates might be right after a unit of Altria -- U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company -- issued a recall for several of its products sold across the country, including here in Pennsylvania. It is not yet known whether users of the products connected with the recall will file any products liability claims.

Products liability matters can be civil and criminal

Pennsylvania residents might not be aware that through 2013 and 2014, 750 people suffered from fungal meningitis due to contaminated steroid injections. According to the Food and Drug Administration, 76 of the victims died. In many products liability matters, civil actions could be filed, but in this case, criminal charges were filed as well.

Most widespread products liability debacle of 2016: Cucumbers

Imported cucumbers have recently wreaked havoc on the health of hundreds of people, beginning in 2015. By the end of 2016, 907 people around the country reported contracting Salmonella Poona infections from the tainted cucumbers, including at least one person here in Pennsylvania. Reportedly, 204 people had to be hospitalized due to the infection and six people died. This is said to be the most widespread products liability debacle of 2016.

3 facts parents should know about unsafe baby products

New parents want only the best for their bundle of joy. The issue that some parents find when they are trying to get the gear for their baby is that there are many products that seem amazing on the surface, but are very unsafe to use. It is imperative that parents vet every product that their child is going to use. Even when you take the time to go over every purchase, there is still a chance that a product you thought was safe might injure your child.

Products liability news: Contaminated cookie dough recall spreads

Kraft Heinz Company recently announced that it is joining an ever growing list of companies by voluntarily recalling its Weight Watchers Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae product due to contamination from Listeria monocytogenes. It was discovered that the cookie dough used in this and other products distributed nationwide, including here in Pennsylvania, were contaminated at a manufacturing and processing plant owned and operated by Aspen Hills, Inc. This potential products liability issue has not resulted in any illnesses -- at least not that Kraft is aware of so far.

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