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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

Get the facts to report nursing home neglect or abuse

Finding the appropriate place for an elderly loved one to receive care in his or her twilight years can be a daunting task. Pennsylvania residents may discover the disturbing truth that neglect and/or abuse is reported in one out of every three nursing homes. This makes many families vigilant in looking for signs of nursing home neglect or abuse.

The disconcerting existence of nursing home neglect

No matter how careful you may be in choosing a place here in Pennsylvania where your elderly loved one can receive much needed care, no guarantee exists that appropriate care will be given. Sadly, nursing home neglect is not new. Far too many families discover that the loved ones they entrusted to a nursing home ended up harmed.

Arbitration clauses are bad news for nursing home neglect victims

Nursing homes serve an important role in the love and care of the elderly community in Pennsylvania. Most families are poorly equipped to care for aging loved ones, making nursing homes and other long-term residential facilities a necessity. Unfortunately, these necessary facilities are often plagued by nursing home neglect and abuse, and victims sometimes face an uphill battle when seeking justice.

Hidden camera exposes nursing home neglect

Many Pennsylvania families come to an impasse when they can no longer care for the elderly members of their families. They do as much research as possible to find a place that will provide safety, care and compassion to their loved ones. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect occurs far too often.

Nursing home neglect can easily cross over into abuse

Many families here in Pennsylvania and across the country struggle with relinquishing the care of their elderly loved ones to other people. When they do, they expect their loved ones to be treated with respect, care and compassion. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is not uncommon and can easily cross over into abuse.

3 face criminal charges for nursing home neglect

As the population of the country ages, more attention needs to be given to the quality of care provided to the elderly. Pennsylvania families entrust the safety and care of their aging loved ones to nursing homes, but sometimes, that trust is misplaced. Nursing home neglect is a serious problem since many nursing home residents are unable to care for themselves and rely on the staff to be compassionate, caring and diligent.

Identifying nursing home neglect

Many Pennsylvania residents have family members who are no longer able to care for themselves. In such cases, relatives usually search for a nursing home that will provide their elderly loved ones with the care and compassion they need. However, many of these individuals are surprised when they discover that their loved one became a victim of nursing home neglect.

Our elderly deserve better than nursing home neglect

As Pennsylvania's elderly require more care, they deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. Most families struggle with the decision of whether to put their aging loved ones in nursing homes, and they go to great lengths to find a place they believe will meet or exceed their expectations. Sadly, too many of this country's elderly suffer from nursing home neglect that can result in serious injury or death.

Daughter claims nursing home neglect killed her mother

Like many Pennsylvania residents, an out-of-state woman entrusted her mother's health and welfare to strangers. During the four years that her mother lived in a nursing home, she fell approximately eight times. When her mother died, she claimed that nursing home neglect was the cause.

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