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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Many construction workers' accidents occur from falls

Every Pennsylvania worker faces hazards, and some are more prevalent than others. For construction workers, one of the most common dangers comes from falls. You may spend a significant amount of time on scaffolding. Falls from these structures make up a large portion of the construction workers' accidents that occur.

Construction workers' accidents: The summer heat

Hot days are ahead for Pennsylvania. For those who work on outdoor construction projects (or even hot indoor ones), the summer heat can lead to construction workers' accidents. If a worker suffers from a heat-related illness while on a scaffold, roof or anywhere actually, it could easily cause a fall or other mishap that leads to serious or fatal injuries.

Finding medical care after construction workers' accidents

After an on-the-job illness or injury, workers may need more than one physician in order to receive the appropriate treatment. Workers' compensation benefits are designed to provide medical care to be paid for by their employers and insurance. As part of the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act, employers are also required to inform workers what doctors they can receive treatment from after construction workers' accidents.

Construction workers' accidents occur during demolition, too

In many cases, building projects here in Pennsylvania begin with demolishing another building, or part of one, on the site chosen for the new one. It is crucial that employers make the appropriate arrangements to secure the safety of those doing the demolition work to avoid construction workers' accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides regulations and guidance in this area and also investigates accidents that occur at demolition sites.

Construction workers' accidents in confined spaces

Work hazards come from a variety of sources. This is often especially true for construction workers here in Pennsylvania and across the country. Whether they work well above the ground or in confined spaces, construction workers' accidents happen under numerous circumstances.

Safety is a major concern in construction workers' accidents

A safe work environment is as essential for everyone here in Pennsylvania as it is for those in the rest of the country. Construction workers face a myriad of dangers, and safety is a major concern in limiting the potential for construction workers' accidents. For example, without the proper fortification and additional safety precautions, a trench could easily become a death trap.

Commercial construction workers face many risks on the job

As a commercial construction worker, you know that no two days at the job site are ever the same. Unfortunately, you also know that you face many risks on a regular basis. Even though you, your coworkers, and your employer can take many steps to lessen the likelihood of an accident, you never know what the future could bring.

Construction workers' accidents are a possibility in trench work

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides safety guidelines for nearly every possible hazard in nearly every industry. When it comes to construction workers' accidents here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the country, the number of things that could go wrong ranges from falls from heights to being crushed in a trench collapse. Certain safety measures are required for anyone working in a trench, where the risk of serious injuries or death is a daily possibility.

Preventing these 4 common construction workers' accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides regulations for every industry here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the United States. The federal agency also identifies the most common sources of injury for many industries and offers tips on preventing them. Below are the four most common construction workers' accidents and tips to avoid them.

Many construction workers' accidents involve falls from heights

Nearly every Pennsylvania industry has its hazards, and employers are required to implement mandated safety precautions and procedures to prevent employees from suffering serious or fatal injuries. In the construction industry, this involves protecting workers from falls. Even so, far too many construction workers' accidents involve falls from which the chance of survival is often questionable.

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