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Construction workers' accidents are no strangers to tragedy

Falls from significant heights are not the only dangers that construction workers face when on the job. Faulty equipment and falling objects can create hazardous environments in which workers not only face the risk of injury, but even death. Because of this type of risk, construction workers' accidents in Pennsylvania rarely have a good outcome, and a recent accident in a nearby state cost one worker his life.

The accident took place at a construction site for a 13-story hotel, where a crane that was anchored down below the street level was in use. The crane also extended five stories above street level. A worker was stepping outside of the tower crane when tragedy struck, and a steel piece of the crane somehow came loose and plummeted 60 feet, striking him on the head. He died while still at the scene of the accident.

Arbitration clauses are bad news for nursing home neglect victims

Nursing homes serve an important role in the love and care of the elderly community in Pennsylvania. Most families are poorly equipped to care for aging loved ones, making nursing homes and other long-term residential facilities a necessity. Unfortunately, these necessary facilities are often plagued by nursing home neglect and abuse, and victims sometimes face an uphill battle when seeking justice.

By now most people are already familiar with the Wells Fargo scandal, in which millions of fake accounts were created using the credentials of real customers who were then charged related fees. The affected customers were unable to sue the company because of the arbitration clause placed in the contracts related to the accounts they had opened. The clause required that victims enter arbitration with the company rather than pursuing justice through the legal system, with mediators chosen by Wells Fargo.

Help after construction workers' accidents is only a click away

Construction and mining industries play a vital role in Pennsylvania's economy, providing more than just services. They also create jobs for skilled workers. Despite their importance, workers in these types of industries are continually put in harm's way by reckless employers. We are, unfortunately, very familiar with the effects of construction workers' accidents, which is why our firm is such a strong advocate for victims.

Workers who have been injured on the job often assume that obtaining workers' compensation benefits will be straightforward, but this is rarely the case. Even if the evidence appears compelling enough, many first-time claims are denied and ultimately require an appeal to achieve necessary compensation. Whether a victim is seeking initial benefits or appealing a denial, having the right information is important. We make sure that all of the necessary information regarding our investigation of the accident, medical opinions and records, and consultations with experts are in place and ready to go.

Samsung's problems with exploding products continues

Fresh off its embarrassing, costly recall of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, consumer electronics giant Samsung is being investigated by federal regulators over concerns of exploding washing machines.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, the federal agency in charge of investigating faulty consumer products, has yet to issue a recall. Instead, it is warning people to only use the delicate cycle. The warning applies to 11 models of Samsung washing machines manufactured between March 2011 and April 2016.

Takata airbag recall expanded

Takata Corporation is the largest manufacturer of airbags in the world. More than 100 million of Takata's airbags have been installed in cars in the United States. At the moment, about 34 million of those vehicles are on the road and potentially affected by alleged dangerous design and manufacturing defects that are believed to have killed at least 14 people while injuring over 100 more.

Protection against chemical exposure is a must

Being employed in an industrial workplace can entail exposure to a number of hazardous conditions. Workers in Pennsylvania may even come into contact with dangerous chemicals, which can result in significant injury and illness. Being aware of the proper procedures as well as possible risks can reduce a worker’s chance of suffering a serious illness while completing tasks within an industrial environment.

According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, exposure to hazardous substances is a common occurrence in many different workplaces. While employers must take proper steps to limit the extent of dangerous exposure that can occur, workers can also take certain precautions. It’s possible to carry substances to your home via the clothing you wear at work. Accordingly, it’s recommended that workers shower before arriving at home and all potentially contaminated clothing be left behind.

Fire safety can reduce the risk of burns at work

Burn injuries can pose a threat to Pennsylvania workers across many industries. For burns of a more serious nature, extensive medical treatment may be required, and a worker’s ability to earn a reasonable living may also be in jeopardy. Even relatively minor burn injuries can be extremely uncomfortable while also resulting in lost income. lists a few of the possible causes of burns, which include injuries linked to caustic chemical exposure. Seeking out medical attention immediately is imperative when suffering from chemical burns, as they can cause further damage beyond just the initial injury. Other causes of burns include those resulting from hot water, fire or extended sun exposure.

Understanding occupational contact dermatitis

Many workplaces contain a number of hazardous substances that can be the cause of serious occupational illness. One such risk facing workers in Erie is occupational contact dermatitis, a skin condition that can require extended medical treatment. Our team of attorneys at Friday & Cox LLC have worked with clients experiencing the ravages of serious workplace illness. Accordingly, we know just how important securing the right options can be to those suffering.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention categorizes occupational contact dermatitis as one of the more typical complications of hazardous substance exposure. Allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis are the two distinct types of this disorder that can afflict workers. While there are some differences between these two disorders, in many cases it can be difficult for medical professionals to distinguish between them.

Scaffold safety is crucial for PA construction workers

For construction workers in Pennsylvania, working on scaffolds can be a common occurrence. However, scaffolds can also be the cause of significant injury, especially when proper protections are not in place. Our legal team at Friday & Cox LLC, knows all too well the dangers posed to workers regularly using scaffolds. Injuries can often be severe, and may require the need for extended medical treatment.   

The Scaffold Industry Association offers guidance on a specific type of scaffold known as a mast climber. Scaffold positioning is just one of many important considerations. Many job sites feature a number of high traffic areas, and erecting a mast climber in these locations can greatly increase risk. For example, a scaffold situated too closely entranced and exit doors can pose a threat to all workers in a given area.

Do I have the right to refuse hazardous working conditions?

As a Pennsylvania worker, your employer is obligated to ensure your place of work remains safe and secure at all times. However, in the event that you do encounter hazardous working conditions that could possibly cause an injury to you or your fellow workers, you do have the right to refuse dangerous tasks until the issue has been rectified.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, you are permitted to refuse work under certain circumstances. However, a number of conditions must be met in order for your refusal of work to be considered valid. Timeliness can be a factor in this case, as it often takes some time for site inspections to occur. To this end, urgent work threats can be refused until proper reporting has occurred.

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